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Mandy Mobley

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Originally from Oregon, WI, Mandy has been tattooing since 2005 and has had the opportunity to learn from other artists and also teach her artistic skill set to new artists. She has worked in several tattoo shops in the Madison area, and opened her own shop, Stay True Tattoo in April 2013, just outside of Madison in McFarland.

Stay True Tattoo is one of the most relaxed, unique and professional tattoo shops in the Madison area.  The comfortable atmosphere and exceptional customer service mean you will have a better than average experience here.  Mandy's goal when opening Stay True Tattoo, was to own a shop where she and her clients could be comfortable and customize tattoo ideas.  

Mandy enjoys doing custom pieces, where she collaborates with her clientele to create the ideal piece of art for their body, striving for perfection in this competitive industry.  She puts equal amounts of thought and creativity into each piece of art; as though she were designing this tattoo for herself. Some of her favorite styles to tattoo are: realism, neo-traditional, new school and watercolor. 

Availability: By Appointment Only

Alex "Toast" Splettstoesser

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Alex "Toast" is originally from the East side of Madison, and has been tattooing since 2007. He attended LaFollette High School, where his passion for creating art, turned into a career.

He comes to Stay True Tattoo with 10 years of tattooing experience, where he has refined and improved his craft throughout that time. He is eager to continue to learn and grow as an artist, with the diverse mixture of current and new clientele.

He enjoys designing custom pieces and working with his clientele to bring their tattoo ideas to reality. Some of his favorite styles to tattoo are: new school, black & gray realism, and watercolor.

Availability: Appointments Preferred

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