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Don't make your tattoo artist cry

This summer has been exceptionally warm and sunny-- and there are pictures all over social media showing families having fun in the sun: boating, hiking, going for walks.

Are you putting sunscreen on your tattoos when you are outdoors? Even on overcast days, you can still get a sunburn on your exposed skin. If you are not putting on sunscreen to protect your tattoo artists' artwork on your body, you are going to make them cry.

You will also be able to give your tattoo artist a "high five" next time you see them, because they will ask you "Do you use sunscreen on your tattoos?" and if you do, you will have no problem saying "Heck yeah! You betcha!".

Protect your tattoos, and don't make your tattoo artist cry. Use SPF 50+ on all of your tattoos.

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