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Why Buy a Tattoo Gift Card?

It's the holiday season, and our loved ones have been hinting all.year.long about what they "wish' they could have. And the presents double if their birthday is during the holiday season, am I right? You can buy another pair of socks, that weirdly shaped ornament, or the 15th soft and fluffy throw for them OR you can give a timeless gift. Something they will have with them all year long: a gift card to Stay True Tattoo. And depending on how much you want to give, you can SAVE a significant amount ($$$) off the cost of gift card. You may be able to save so much, you can get one for yourself, too!!

Purchase them online or pick it up in person. Either way, with only two weeks left until Christmas, you better hurry!!

(Gift card sale is through December 31st, so you can use any money you get as a gift to pick one up, too!!)

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